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  • FREE Hearing assessment

  • Wax removal

  • NHS referrals

  • Hearing Aids

  • Tinnitus management

  • Custom aids

We work with Jackson Audiology to provide regular clinics for Hearing assessments, Hearing Aids, Tinnitus management and Wax removal. 

The initial assessment is FREE and you will be recommended the most suitable option for the best possible outcome.  However, there is no obligation to buy our Private Hearing Aids.  

At your first visit Philip will examine each ear canal to assess whether there is any wax build-up which may be impairing hearing. This can be removed via microsuction or irrigation.  He will also carry out screening to diagnose any hearing loss. He will then discuss the results with you and help you select the very best hearing aid for your requirements.

We want you to be 100% happy with your hearing aids, so all our aids come with a 60-day trial period and a 4-year warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

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Why have a hearing test​


Do voices sound muffled?

Do you struggle to hear clearly when there is background noise?

Are your ears blocked with wax?

We are here to help improve your hearing and communication in all your listening environments by providing you with the best advice and care, and the latest technology.

The importance of good hearing

Good hearing is essential to all of our effectiveness in day to day life. It is vital for children’s learning and development. It is essential for social interaction and engagement at every age, both at home and in the workplace. Major studies have shown unequivocally that hearing loss contributes to and impacts on our mental and physical health, from dementia and depression to social isolation and anxiety.

Custom Devices​


We provide a wide range of bespoke solutions for those who have special requirements for work, home, hobbies and sports to help with improving your communication in these environments, and helping to protect you hearing from further deterioration.

These include noise plugs, swim plugs, musician’s plugs, motorcyclists plugs, in-the-ear devices, FM systems and remote microphone options.

Noise protection plugs and other relevant products and services are available to corporate as well as individual customers.

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