Priya Carling


More information to follow.

Swarandeep Birdi


More information to follow.

Emma Zambarda

With experience in a variety of jobs, and as a mother of a teenage son, Emma joined the team here in 2018 as a part-time Receptionist.  She owns two dogs which she enjoys walking. Other hobbies include playing badminton and card games, doing DIY… and talking!

Fun fact: Emma owns two “free-range” bunnies called Jessie and Joey who live in a rabbit cottage in her garden!

Favourite food: Anything chocolate!

Peter Croucher


Graduating from Aston University in 1986, Peter has over 30 years’ experience as an Optometrist, during which time he owned an independent practice in the east end of London for 15 years.  After several years working for a national chain of Opticians, Peter joined us in 2016, just after Mr Jackson retired from the business.

Peter’s teenage years saw him qualify as a sailing yacht crew member, playing squash and scuba-diving.

Outside interests include family, (he has two sons), good food and music, although he draws the line at calling rap “music”! He loves home life, enjoying nights in with friends and family, and good food – preferably Chinese, Spaghetti Bolognese, or Flapjack….though not all together!

Fun fact:  Peter once worked in a futon factory, and is an expert in everything futon!

Claim to fame: being skilled with a rifle, he once competed for England in target shooting!

Wendy Fielder


More information to follow.

Jeremy Fielder

Jeremy attended City & East London College before qualifying as a Dispensing Optician in 1989.  With 30 years’ experience in Optics, he has worked for various independent opticians throughout the South East and was also a practice manager for a national company for several years.

Married, with three children, and three dogs, Jeremy has little time for hobbies, but when he does, he enjoys gardening, travel and photography.

Fun fact:  Jeremy once dispensed lenses to a famous boxer without recognising him!

Lynn Jackson


Lynn met her husband Les while working at Moorfields Hospital, after graduating from the University of Wales in Cardiff in 1977. During her 20 years working at Maidstone Hospital, Lynn and her husband established their Optical Practice on Sheppey in 1985.  Also working as an assessor for the College of Optometrists, Lynn spent 12 years travelling throughout the South East, mentoring newly-graduated Opticians. With over 30 years’ experience, Lynn is a fount of information for all things Optical!

With three children and two grandsons, Lynn has little time for relaxation, but when she does, is never happier than when working in the garden, or riding her elderly horse, Harvey.

Favourite food:  Anything she hasn’t had to cook!

Maxine Hill


More information to follow.

Keith Pearse

A dispensing Optician, Keith also qualified in Contact Lenses, and since 2018 has been holding regular clinics at Sheppey Eyecare. He is passionate about contacts, and loves helping patients attain an even better level of vision than they did with specs!

When not at work, Dad-of-one Keith is happiest with his head under the bonnet of a car or firing a steam train and enjoys travelling with his wife.

Claim to fame: Keith was a Finalist in the Optician of the Year awards in 2016

Lindsey Kingsnorth


Lindsey began working for us in 2011 as a receptionist and has since gone on to qualify as an Optical Assistant.  Outside interests include animals (she is the proud owner of 2 cats and a horse) and she enjoys walks by the sea and in the country-side.  Her main hobby is eating out with friends and family and she is a go-to expert on places to eat at all over Kent!

Fun fact:  Lindsey is currently training to become a Counsellor – which could be useful in helping the rest of our team keep sane!

Charles Azopardi


Charlie currently works for us on Saturdays, but tends to swoop in for the holiday hours too, so you may see him then. He currently studies at Borden Grammar School, in his final year of Sixth Form. Charlie brings a bit of social awareness to the business (teenagers do spend all their time on the internet these days) and is responsible for a lot of the website and social media features that you wonderful people get to see.

Fun fact:  Charlie has an identical twin (who does not work here)

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